• 3DR Solo Prop Guards
  • Protect blades during flight
  • Helps prevent blades from obstacles during flight
  • Adds an element of safety while flying around people
  • Includes 4 Blade Guards
  • Instant snap on/off installation

    The Prop Guards for the 3DR Solo design by PolarPro are a great way to add an extra element of protection to your quadcopter. The 3DR Solo Prop Guards help prevent objects from coming into contact with the blades during flight. This adds a layer of protection in event the Solo hits a wall, tree, or person. These propeller guards for the Solo will not prevent all crashes, however they are a great way to reduce the risk of severely damaging your drone. The Solo prop guards quickly slide onto each Solo arm and have a retaining clip, which locks it in place. They can be easily removed for storage by simply unclipping the retainer and sliding the guard off.

    The way propeller guard’s work is they prevent anything from hitting the blades during flight. The blades are inexpensive and cheap to replace, but the main problem is when you damage a blade during flight, the drone is going to come crashing down and can suffer significant damage. By using a prop guard you reduce this risk as the guard will hit the obstacle and allow the drone to maintain flight. A prop guard is also a safer way to fly the drone, protecting objects, or people from the fast moving blade.  

    These make a great addition to any Solo Pilot’s drone setup. 

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    3DR Solo Prop Guard + Prop Set

    • Brand: 3DR
    • Product Code: 3DR Solo Prop Guard
    • Availability: In Stock
    • $42.55
    • $31.91

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